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Matt is a stand up comedian that started years ago in college and since then has been performing stand up comedy at colleges & universities across the United States. Matt books independently and has largely worked private and college shows off of referrals. The biggest perk of working with an independent comedian is that when you book Matt, you will work with & negotiate with him directly, and will not have to deal with agents, miscommunications, and pricing tricks. He works PG/PG-13/Explicit.


Matt can cater his set for any event. He has MCd, Featured, and Headlined a variety of comedy shows at colleges and universities.

He can provide referrals upon request. His full bio can be found HERE.

Past clients include:


  • Truman State University
  • Iowa State University
  • University Of Northern Iowa
  • DECA
  • Boy & Girls Club of America…
  • Hy Vee Corporation


You can watch Matt’s most recent stand up comedy recordings HERE.

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If you can, please include:

  • Date of the event
  • Time of the event and preferred arrival time
  • What the event is (EX: Corporate show for XYZ Insurance Team)
  • Restrictions (PG, PG-13, R)
  • Who the crowd will be (EX: College show, students and friends 18-25)
  • Estimated number of guests (EX: 300-350 attendants)
  • If the show isn’t a private/presold show you can give room capacity instead​
  • Will you need promo help/information​
  • Matt can provide a press release for local news, radio, or social media​
  • If a show is out of Illinois – Travel reimbursement & lodging options

Matt is a comedian currently based out of Chicago, Illinois. As an up and coming Chicago comedian Matt has played a wide variety of private shows from headlining and MCing college shows, to corporate holiday parties, and a variety of conferences.

If you need a set longer than 45 minutes, Matt might ask to bring an opening or feature act with him. With a large network of comedy and entertainment connections, he will almost certainly be able to find the perfect opening/feature act for your event. Likewise, if Matt is booked for the day of your event, he will always have a list of recommended available comedians for hire you can get in contact with.

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