3 ways to book local comedians

Why Book A Local Comedian?

As someone who has been performing comedy across the United State Of America for over 4 years now, I am always surprised by comedians I find in the oddest places. Some of the best nationally touring comics are based out of place you might not expect! I’ve found great comedians in Billings, Montana, Louisville, Kentucky, and Des Moines, Iowa. There is comedy talent all over, you might find a great opportunity to hire a high quality comedian for a fraction of the cost if you know where to look. In this article I’ll let you in on 3 tips, tricks, and methods for hiring/booking local comedians.

Matt At The Hideout Theater In Chicago

How To Book A Local Comedian

1) Local Comedy Clubs & Venues

If your city has an active local comedy scene there is more than likely a local comedy club (or clubs) as well. It is important to know that comedy clubs can vary greatly from room to room. Some clubs run “traditional shows” where there is an opener/host (Usually local) and then a feature and headline act. More often than not the feature and headliner come from out of town. The other common style of comedy club hosts “showcase shows”. These shows tend to have anywhere between 6-15 comedians on the lineup, all running shorter sets. All because a show is in a showcase club doesn’t mean it has lower quality acts, these are more common in Chicago and NYC where there is a high amount of local comedians that can headline and are just looking for stage time. What showcase rooms usually have in common is that they feature local acts. If you’re looking for local acts try to find a club with many names on their lineups.


You can call into clubs and ask who they would recommend locally and they more often than not can provide great insight. in many cities the local comedy club acts like a bit of an agency for comedians. If you would rather pic for yourself go to a show and ask a comic after their set. I recommend asking right as they get off stage, because sometime a comic will head straight to another show. If you miss the comic, ask the host of the show, they should have the comics contact information.

Comedians in Des Moines, icheal Good, Andrew Lopez, Jeremy Danely

2) local Comedian Facebook Pages

Just about every state or city has a Facebook page for comedians. Often they’re under the name of something like “Ohio Comedy Scene”, “Iowa Comedians”, or “Chicago Suburbs Comedy Scene”. These page can be truck, and often if you don’t know what to post you can end up getting harassed by new coimics or spammed by under qualified candidates. I would recommend posting something like,


Make sure you have a price point ready for your event, and don’t feel like you need to go through every submission. It should be obvious who is a professional and who isn’t usually video & headshot quality are good indicators, but feel free to watch a few minutes of every comics clip. Be wary of comedians sending you a list of clubs they’ve played at or number of states they’ve done show  in. If you get one of these lists, I would ask how long or they ran on these shows. Sometimes a comic will do a bunch of club sor out of state open mics, and then claim them as credits. 

(I’ll admit, I’ve done this before)

3) Send Me A Message


I don’t charge a fee, I’m not trying to drum up business for myself, I just want to help people find the right comedian for their event!

I far from know every comedian in North America, but I do have a network of hundreds of comedians who also know hundreds of comedians.

If nothing less, I can get you started in the right direction. Just go to my websites contact page and send me a message, put in the subject line, looking “Booking Comedian from XYC City”, and I will get back to you within a week with information on local comedians. Please consider the first two methods before trying this.